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"Sherry has been an amazing piano teacher for my son for nearly two years.  His progress has been incredible.  He started not knowing how to read music or play any scales. He is now playing Bach inventions and etudes, and is inspired to become a professional musician.  He has been so inspired in his work with Sherry that he chose to go to a piano camp, to study piano four hours a day.  Sherry is incredibly structured and specific, providing students and parents with very clear things to focus on, to consistently help children meet their goals and progress.  Sherry also provides students with consistent rewards for their hard work and she celebrates their achievements.  She also created small studio classes, to help her students get to know one another and root for one another and share music.  In addition to teaching technique and repertoire, she teaches music theory about the pieces and makes the theory accessible through playing fun games.  As my son became more and more inspired to study classical music, Sherry's encouragement grew with him.  She attended all of his competitions and helped him practice for rehearsals and auditions, so that he could always perform at his best and felt supported by his wonderful teacher.  She has taught my son to embrace each competition as a learning experience and an opportunity to meet other musical kids. But perhaps more than any of the amazing things she teaches in her lessons, Sherry's own love of piano and amazing gifts as a pianist (coupled with her own humility about her gifts) provide my child with an amazing role model who he admires and can't wait to see each week. We feel so lucky to have Sherry as our son's piano teacher." - Jennifer L., mother of George, age 9

"Sherry has been tutoring my 5 year old boy for a couple of weeks and her level of theory and practical Piano lessons is truly incredible. She is energetic yet keeps him focused which can be hard with a talkative kid. I am so happy with the quality of her lessons. She is truly challenging him within limits and he is more passionate about his practice." - Tomi, mother of Rehan, age 5

"Sherry is an exceptional piano teacher. In addition to teaching my kids for two years, she recently gave me my first adult piano lesson since I stopped playing at 12. I learned more in one hour than I did from my childhood teacher in nearly a decade!! She has been warm, flexible and reliable and also is playful but challenges our kids to learn. She has been working with them since they were 5 and they have learned both theory and to play beautifully. She adapts her teaching style to meet their needs and is always available and positive. She works well with parents and gives parents and students a voice in the learning process. She is down to earth very relatable and will meet you where you and your child is at. She is capable of being highly rigorous for those parents and students who are interested in developing to competitive levels. At the same time she can be laid back and easy going if the goal is primarily growth at an easy pace. Always fun and bright Sherry is delightful and well versed in all kinds of music." - Stephanie, mother of Alex and Zach, age 7

"I started taking piano lessons from Sherry Kim when I was just entering the 6th grade and when she was just beginning as a teacher. She was one of my very first piano teachers and I worked with her for several years. Now I'm a college undergrad studying music at some of the top international programs and I find that she is one of the big reasons I got to where I am today. She gave me the strongest foundation that a young pianist/musician needs. By her side I was comfortable and having fun, but also pushed to play to my full potential, and learned to never waste practice time. I would recommend anyone at any level or age to take from Sherry Kim because she is encouraging, honest, hardworking, and a brilliant pianist herself." - Joy, age 19

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